The LeShay Domain

The LeShay are an ancient race of humanoid beings who existed three universe cycles ago. Though little is known of the race, some lore has been surprisingly well-preserved in Starsunder texts. Much like the modern invention of the internet, the Domain is a repository that was created when the first LeShay had gathered to create a means of preserving their accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and experience. It has been critical to their culture and lives…

Before the creation of their Domain, the LeShay were divine beings born with great mastery over the elements and the arcane. They were naturally inclined towards peace and lived alongside nature in harmony. In half a million years, they populated their home-world and frequently travelled the planes in search of greater knowledge and wisdom. However, their innate curiosity and desire for knowledge eventually destroyed their planet and left only a handful of survivors.

These survivors were the only LeShay left after an arcane experiment to tap into the power of Chaos tore a rift into other planes of existence. The resulting rampage of the extra-planar beings wrought a high cost upon the race. Where billions of LeShay had lived together in harmony on their homeworld, a mere 108 had survived the chaos. Their star system was wrecked beyond repair and their sun would implode in a few hundred years. It was hoped that with this repository, one of them would find a means to save their race.

Then, it all changed.

The mighty artifacts that were gathered for the ritual were consumed by the magic that they wrought. None of them had taken into account the lingering power of Chaos upon their planet until they were gripped in the throes of their spell. Cosmic energy tore out of control as the faint touch of Chaos amplified the amount of energy beyond anything these tough survivors could imagine. The maelstrom of power ceased, throwing the 108 LeShay down.

As they gathered their wits about them and stood back up, the elders felt great despair at the scene before them. Their final desperate bid to create a mighty artifact that could save their race had failed. They had nothing left. Silence befell the motley group like a shroud as they gathered. What more could they do?

As night came, it was still tradition for LeShay to fall into the reverie. This time, however, there was a great outcry from the youngest of the survivors. Startled, the elders gathered speedily, fearing some magical disease or backlash… Instead, they saw upon the youngling’s face, the expression of bewildered amazement. Shaking him out of it, they could only understand from his incoherent babbling to “seek within the reverie”.

And they did.

Each LeShay who sought within themselves reached into the Domain for the very first time. At that moment, they realised that they had the accumulated knowledge of their race within them. It was two million years of experience that dated back to the first awakening of their divine race and the shared experiences of each other. As a side effect of their ritual in the day, no LeShay would ever need to sleep or even fall into reverie as lesser Fey races such as the Elves do.

With this limitless energy and the Domain, the survivors gathered as one to set about ensuring the survival of their race. Rapid invention of technology was enabled by the gathered divine salient abilities of each LeShay. As one, they spent a year to create the very first limitless energy reactor that was fuelled by a self replicating source of arcane nuclear fusion. With this piece Arcanotech in hand, they set about inventing machines that could work tirelessly to terraform their planet. The first colossal terraforming machines were invented in 6 months. In another year came the first computers that were used to aid the LeShay in managing their bio-organic factories in producing more terraforming machines. Elemental Magic was combined with Druidic Magic and wielded with various Arcane masteries to force the first Dot Level Artificial Intelligences into post-rampancy stages. With that, they were able to focus their attention on more demanding tasks and went on to quickly establish themselves in the spacefaring sciences.

In an unprecedented moment of freak accident, the elders created the first organic spacecraft. As described by its pilot, Lindra, “The spacecraft had the intelligence of a mature silver dragon and the loyalty of an over enthusiastic puppy… Not that we had any other lifeforms left on our home world at that point in time. We’d wanted to create another Dot Level AI for a new batch of machines, but the touch of Chaos mutated our bio-diamond matrix into a living flying container. I bonded with the poor sweet confused creature immediately. It responds to the name ‘Lulu’ now.”

After two years, Lindra felt confident enough to take Lulu out to space. Along with other conventional spacecrafts, the LeShay set about building their first space station to further continue spacefaring research and development. Thankfully, much of the research was already done by far greater minds in the Golden Age of their civilization. In 6 months, the first space station was functional with its own factory, outfitted in a way that was fit for a king to live in for the rest of his life.

The Domain gave the surviving LeShay an ease of communication that enabled them to continue on their work no matter where they were. Unlike humans who were bound by the natural laws of physics in communicating through various electromagnetic waveforms, the LeShay could simply reach out into the Domain to speak with each other or even share memories and the things they picked up with their senses no matter where they were.

A month later, the survivors succeeded in recreating another organic spacecraft and soon had a complete program on their new space station to create a fleet of such spacecrafts. Two months after repeated trials, they made a leap in Arcanotech that allowed them precise control over the flow of time. This enabled the survivors to create Node Level AIs to manage their now vast network of Dot AIs on their planet. Knowing then that it was not enough, the first Net Level AI was created a week later using their new-found control of time to manage the terraforming process that was ongoing.

At that time, Lindra noted of Lulu, “I realized then that she was growing physically and mentally as the years went by… She was a strongly psionic living being in her own right, not simply just an AI. If she hits an asteroid, I would feel her pain. We established early on that we had somehow created a race of beings and we were going to treat them justly. Three years after I had Lulu with me, I then hit upon the idea of growing her bigger using our mastery of time. She agreed.”

The experiment to grow Lulu was of great excitement to the 108 survivors at that point in time. They gathered all their resources and created many more technologies in order to see its success. When the time came for the experiment, an elder described the event as “… Our most trying moment since the end of the War For Survival because Lulu was a close friend to all of us.” In spite of several failures that led to nothing happening, the surviving LeShay stumbled upon an ancient memory in the Domain that detailed how an ancestor had manipulated time to grow a dragon into sufficient size for him to ride. Using the same ideas, the experiment was a great success.

“It was unbelievable,” Lindra mentioned while shaking her head, “An hour ago, she was the size of our smaller space shuttles. Now, Lulu has ballooned so much that we had to continue the experiment out in space… When we did it there, we easily grew her to the size of a small moon. She gained many powers and could reshape her interior at will after the experiment. Melding with her to pilot was so comfortable because I no longer had to worry about being bashed apart by an asteroid.”

Taking this new idea further, life was rapidly reseeded on their planet. Their once empty ecosystems soon resounded with animal calls and clarion avian cries in just 6 months. “The Domain was critical to that because we could tap into the experiences and knowledge of our greatest scientists and doctors from years ago,” said an elder, “How ironic that we were destroyed by Chaos and saved by it later.”

Three months later, which was 6 years from the creation of the Domain, two of the survivors announced their coupling and resulting pregnancy to the rest of the group. The couple, Ariale and Kinze later reflected, “At that time, everyone else was so consumed by the desperate struggle for survival and the excitement of the Domain that they’d forgotten they could fall in love still… We forgot all about children… About families. The War For Survival changed us radically and profoundly. When we first met and fell in love, it was because we shared a vision of nurturing life on our planet once more. The other survivors merely wanted to fix our Sun. We were left alone planetside most of the time because of how different we were. In those six years… Well, we had a lot of lonely nights together.”

Ariale’s and Kinze’s coupling had a profound effect on the rest of the survivors. Of these 108 survivors, 58 announced couplings in a week, while the rest chose to stay single. Of those 50 who were single, 37 were female who announced their pregnancy several days later. The first children were born months later to highly apprehensive parents. “None of us, except the elders, had any experience with pregnancy, childbirth, or raising children… Even with the Domain, we were still extremely anxious because nobody was able to accurately predict the impact of the Domain on our children.”

When the first child was born in the house of Ariale and Kinze, the survivors had stopped their spacefaring research to work on child nurturing technologies. As soon as Ariale alerted everyone of her impending childbirth, 107 LeShay had gathered in mere moments. “It was hilarious,” Ariale recounted with a bout of giggles, “The elders and everyone else were gathered all around me. The ladies were shooing the men out of the room. Everyone had some sort of invention with them that was to help with my childbirth and so on. My husband was protesting against my best friend at that time… Too bad for the men that we females outnumbered them. I was propped up on a birthing bed and rolling my eyes at it all.”

When the child was born, the elders presiding then were surprised: The baby was born far more developed than LeShay newborn in the past. As the baby grew up, elders realised that not only did physical maturity seemed fast, it was near perfect with little need for weaning. Interactions then confirmed that the child had the combined knowledge of both parents. The survivors concluded that the ability to access the Domain was limited to them.

They were wrong.

As the child grew older, he was discovered to possess knowledge that he could not have possibly read about or come into contact with in the first place. The survivors realised that their children would only come into ownership of the Domain when they were older. The children who were born to the survivors grew up possessing a grace that their elders had earned through centuries of life. Perhaps it was the knowledge that their parents had been through immense hardship. Perhaps it was the knowledge that they were a new generation born of great hope and optimism. Perhaps it was the memories of their parents that weaned them. Nobody would know for sure, but it was certain the Domain would change their race forever.

In the years to come, it was also evident that these children had been touched by Chaos. Every one of them had an unprecedented mastery of the Arcane and understanding of the sciences. Many great leaps of progress were made. Then, where their ancestors had failed, the children came to master the power of Chaos.

“It was a great shock at a time when I thought I could never be shocked,” remembers an elder, “I was outside working on a new machine when I felt something change in the lab. I rushed over, thinking one of my experiments had gone horribly wrong. When I ran in, my two children were standing proudly at the door and holding up a piece of material for me. It was the thinnest piece of bio-diamond I’d ever seen. Through the Domain, I knew that they had grown a Net Level AI into it and they still managed to bolster it to have the strength of the shielding we had on our spacecrafts. I used that design for the very first system suit that held an AI within. It was later developed into combat skins. Later that evening, I asked them how they did it, when they showed me, I nearly ran out of the house screaming. They were manipulating Chaos the way our elders manipulate the elements.”

Using the mastery of Chaos and the great leaps in technology, the elders could undo the damage to the Sun itself in a single decade. The entire planet reached a population of three billion in a single millennium. By then, the LeShay had established control over their entire star system.

It would not be long before they had the population for the entire galaxy.

The LeShay Domain

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