Miscellaneous Notes

Starsunder Phases of Escalation

Normalcy: Only unobservable usage of powers allowed. Must live disguised as a local. (5pp)
Mobilisation: Discreet usage of powers allowed. Must live disguised as a local. (10pp)
Skirmish: Class 9. Category 9. Observable usage of powers allowed. Sleeper Agents can act. (50pp)
Assault: Class 8. Category 8. Awaken all sleeper agents. (100pp)
Battle: Class 7. Category 7. Deploy fire-teams and sections. (200pp)
Planetary: Class 6. Category 6. Deploy Platoons. Officers deployed for support. (500pp)
Inter-Planar: Class 5. Category 5. Deploy Companies. Captains deployed for support. (1000pp)
Inter-System: Class 4. Category 4. Deploy Battalions. Majors deployed for support. (5000pp)
Intra-Galaxy: Class 3. Category 3. Deploy Regiments. Colonels deployed for support. (10,000pp)
Inter-Galaxy: Class 2. Category 2. Deploy Divisions. Brigadier Generals deployed for support. (100,000pp)
Universal: Class 1. Category 1. Deploy Army Theaters. Major Generals deployed for support. (1,000,000pp)
Inter-Universal: Class 0. Category 0. Direct involvement by the Trinity: Tenelia, the Stormbringer. Javeila, the Magister. Avadar, the Inferno. (10,000,000pp)
Time-transcending: Class 00. Category 0. Only known masters are the Trinity. (100,000,000pp)

LeShay Crafting

Soon after their newfound mastery of Chaos, the LeShay have learned to manipulate reality so precisely that they were able to craft all manner of items without the need for anything more than their will. This manner of control has made it possible for a dozen LeShay to assemble a thousand-man space station in just several hours, or a single skilled crafter to create a spacefighter in a minute.

LeShay Crafting allows for drastic reduction of crafting times according to the base material provided and the skill of the crafter. Thurinvor, the greatest of LeShay crafters was able to create mighty Galactic Carriers in mere thought moments from nothingness. With such skill, it has thus been possible for a single LeShay to even outfit a mortal army with magical weapons. LeShay Crafting reduces crafting times: shifting down Time Categories based on the skill of the individual LeShay. The minimum reduction stands at 1 Time Category.

Time Categories are in the factor of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and finally thought moments. Every successful raise past the DC will then shift the Time Category down accordingly. Only one roll is allowed. Finally, after having rolled for the Time Category, a further roll is then made to see how much time is reduced. This number is then deducted from the original number, but may not give a resulting number lower than a one.

Known Crafted Items:
Wolfskin Leather Pouches: 1 min DC 10
Masterwork Wolfskin Leather Adventuring Backpacks: 3min DC 20

LeShay Vision

Over the centuries as they came into full mastery over Chaos, the LeShay have realized that they are not apart from the world around them, but instead a natural part of it. They have learned not to rely on their physical senses, but instead to become one with the cosmos. This has allowed them to immediately gain awareness of everything around them. Smell, sight, touch, hearing, and even taste at once becomes perfectly clear and acute. Even without trying, a LeShay knows what goes on inside the very earth they stand on.

There is nothing in the universe that can hide from a LeShay. In the darkest night, the brightest day, the most practiced of LeShay knows all.

Names of the Six’s Origin

AJ: Annie

RD: Dainie
Her full name being Endaindra Min Dvu Kalaxinma. She is the eldest daughter of the famed Kalaxinma House, a merchant clan that grew to great power before the tide of darkness fell upon the land. Brought up to succeed as the head of the House, she grew up on the roads and spent much time far away from home in various lands. She misses her sister dearly as they have not met for many years. Dainie fears that her sister might be dead.

TS: Twinkle

PP: Pinkie

FS: Lia
Her full name being Ennalindra Lia Dvu Kalaxinma. She is the secondborn twin sister to Dainie. The both of them being fraternal twins, she looks nowhere like her sister. She was born with a gentle disposition and a soft heart unsuitable for her House. Where her sister, Dainie, was to succeed the House and its responsibilities, Lia was brought up to assist her sister by running the household matters. She fled from her House when it fell to the tide of darkness and was almost raped by bandits.

R: Louisa

Miscellaneous Notes

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