A Study of LeShay Biology

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Three Universe cycles ago, the LeShay were a mighty race that once moved the universe as they wished. After a devastating civil war, the entire race has all but disappeared save for Tenelia the Stormbringer. Now, the Stormbringer has passed on, seeding his heritage onto a human known as Joseph Ang. This human has since been blooded and ascended into his full heritage as a LeShay.

The Starsunder Guild’s Librarian Division has been able to catalogue much of the LeShay and spent time since its creation to conduct in-depth studies with the Stormbringer himself. Much of the knowledge has since been condensed to allow for a quick understanding of the nature of the race. The below data will allow for a concise knowledge of what an individual LeShay is capable of. This will enable enhanced complementary support on field.


Even the weakest of LeShay children have the capability to stop bullets, defy gravity, and sustain damage that would have killed a large Red Dragon. Every LeShay is born with the essence of Chaos within them, this essence forms their divinity. Repeated LeShay studies have shown that it is almost impossible to drain this essence. The essence grows stronger over time, empowering individuals in various ways that can be further enhanced by training.

Where most creatures are carbon-based and built upon calcium structures, grown LeShay have bones that are ever shifting and formed by various elements that allow them to survive the gravitational forces of a blackhole. Their muscle-culture is formed similarly and have the capability to generate forces that a trained LeShay could use to shatter planets. None of this is lost even when the LeShay’s divinity is drained.

In addition to their immense durability and strength, the LeShay possess sight that allows them to see perfectly in darkness without resorting to the infrared spectrum like their lesser cousins, the dark elves. Their capability to listen extends from the finest micro-hertz sub-frequency wave to far above the electromagnetic wave lengths. As if this isn’t enough, a LeShay also has the capability to narrow this frequency range to easily pick out the sounds that they want to hear. All other senses are capable of functioning this way; trained LeShay Rangers are capable of easily picking up on the movement of dewdrop spiders on the other side of the world.

Statistical Information

A LeShay grows quickly at birth until their teenage years. At that point, growth slows down drastically and they may spend anywhere from a few years to many millennia before reaching the peak of their physical maturity. Then, they simply stop aging. ||DATA SURGE CORRUPTED||

  • Typical strength scores for a teenage LeShay average 25.
  • Scores increase at a rate of 1/millennia.
  • Strength gradually restored over a year even if drained. Training speeds up recovery.
  • Strength can be easily controlled. Unlike giantkind who break every less sturdy object.

The LeShay are a naturally agile race. They have been known to move faster than the speed of light and possess a tendency to play pranks on deities of other pantheons using this speed.

  • LeShay movement for children averages at 50ft.
  • Teenagers average 100ft.
  • Teenage dexterity scores have been noted to average 32. (Swift action limited by DEX mod)
  • Dexterity gradually restored over a year even if drained. Training speeds up recovery.
  • Dexterity can be controlled to prevent their otherworldly grace and elegance from giving them away.

Immense strength and overwhelming dexterity asides, LeShay also possess timeless endurance. A LeShay’s skin might be deceptively smooth, but it has been known to damage an attacker’s physical weapons and even provide substantial protection from powerful energy weapons. Even if any LeShay was injured, their regenerative rejuvenation quickly restores them.

  • LeShay teenagers average elemental resistance at 20
  • Spell resistance averages 25.
  • Damage Reduction averages 20/-.
  • Regeneration averages 30/rd/
  • Constitution scores average 42.
  • Constitution gradually restored over a year even if drained. Training speeds up recovery.
  • LeShay do not require any form of rest and are immune to sleep effects.
  • Teenage LeShay possess Alter Self.

A Study of LeShay Biology

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