The Chosen One, and Stormbringer's bloodborn, the blood son of the Guardian of the Multiverse.


STR 35
DEX 59
CON 47
INT 45
WIS 61
CHA 61

Toughness: 26
Fortitude: 37
Reflex: 42
Will: 31
Immune to transmutations, energy/ability drain dmg and mind-affecting effects

Attack Bonus: 21
Ranged Attack Bonus: 21
Melee Attack Bonus: 21
Defense: 36 = 24(Def) + 12(Dodge), Flatfooted: 24
Initiative: 28 = 24(Dex) + 4(Feat)
Speed – 30ft
Swift Action Points – 24

Race: leShay Spell-like At will—detect thoughts, disguise self, displacement, freedom, greater dispel magic, heal, greater invisibility, knock, speak with plants, spell turning, greater teleport, water breathing.
Caster level 28th; save DC 28 + spell level. The DCs are Charisma-based.
Caster Level: 28th
Save DC: 28 + spell level + charisma bonus

Feat and racial/class abilities List
Ambidexterity: You have zero penalties while wielding weapons in your off-hand.
Animal Companion: Not being used right now
Attack Specialization (Grapple) Rank 3: +6 to all attack rolls made with this weapon
Attractive Rank 2: +4 bonus per rank to Bluff and Diplomacy checks to anyone who might find you appealing
Benefit, Elf senses: Racial +2 bonus to Notice checks
Benefit, Far Shot: 1.5x range increment for ranged weapons, 2x range increment for thrown weapons
Benefit, Polyglot: Speak and write any and all languages
Benefit, Run: Able to run at 5x normal speed and maintain dodge bonus while running, +4 to jump checks made with a running start
Benefit, Skill Emphasis (Sense Motive): Gain +3 bonus to sense motive checks
Benefit, Trapfinding: Use Search skill to find traps, and use Disable Device to disable them
Blind-fight: Spend a hero point before rolling the miss chance for attacking a target with concealment and you automatically ignore it for the attack. Take only half the penalty to speed while unable to see; darkness and poor visibility reduce speed to three quarters.
Chokehold: Pin an opponent with a grapple, and you can apply a chokehold to suffocate your opponent for as long as you maintain the pin.
Defensive Attack: Trade BaB for extra AC (maximum of +5 bonus)
Dodge Focus: +1 Dodge Bonus to defense
Endurance: +4 bonus to all CON checks, can sleep in heavy armor without being fatigued
Evasion Rank 1: Successful Reflex save takes no damage instead of half damage
Favored Enemy (Dragon): +4 bonus on Bluff, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Notice, and Survival checks against creatures of this type, and a +4 bonus on weapon damage rolls.
Favored Enemy (Humanoid): +2 bonus per above
Improved Feint: Feinting is now a move action
Improved Initiative Rank 1: +4 to initiative checks
Leadership: Standard action spends hero point to remove a condition from an ally you can interact with: dazed, fascinated, panicked, shaken, or stunned.
Mobility: +4 Dodge bonus to defense.
Point-blank Shot: +1 to attack and damage rolls for ranged attacks within 1 range increment
Power Attack: Trade BaB for extra damage up to +5 damage and -5 BaB.
Quick Draw Rank 2: Drawing and loading weapons are now free actions.
Secret Doorfinding: Automatically entitled to a search check when within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door.
Sneak Attack Rank 1: Increase your damage bonus by +2 when you land a surprise attack.
Move-by Action: Can take standard actions in between move actions.
Track: Use Survival to follow tracks left behind by creatures like the Tracking Super-sense.
Well Informed:
Metamagic Feats
Benefit, Quicken Spell: Cast one spell [Must have Arcane or divine as a descriptor] as a swift action, counts against your limit of swift actions per round (24).

Crafting Feats
Craft Magic Arms and Armor

Acrobatics: 59
Bluff: 55
Climb: 42
Computers: 47
Concentration: 44
Craft Magic Arms/Armor: 47
Diplomacy: 55
Disable Device: 47
Disguise: 55
Drive: 50
Escape Artist: 44
Gather Information: 50
Intimidate: 50
Knowledge, Arcane: 45
Knowledge, Geography: 47
Knowledge, Demolitions: 47
Knowledge, Tactics: 27
Medicine: 44
Notice: 40
Pilot: 44
Ride: 54
Search: 47
Sense Motive: 43
Sleight of Hand: 51
Stealth: 54
Survival: 28
Swim: 42

Power Point Total – 723
Power Points to Spend – 0

Leshay Time (Features Rank 6, Innate +1)
Free Action, Range: Personal, Duration: Instantaneous
PP Cost: 7
Using your innate Leshay control over the temporal flow of time, you gain an additional number of rounds’ worth of actions according to the Time & Value Progression Table equal to your power rank within your turn.
Rank 1 = 1 Round
Rank 2 = 2 Rounds
Rank 3 = 5 Rounds
Rank 4 = 10 Rounds, and so on…
Leshay Vision (Super Senses Rank 27, Innate +1)
Chaos 27: Accurate 4, Acute 2, Analytical 2, Counters Concealment 2, Counters Illusion 2, Counters Obscure 5, Extended 1, Penetrates Concealment 4, Radius 2, Ranged 1, Rapid 1, Tracking 1
Free Action, Range: Personal, Duration: Sustained
PP Cost: 28
Anything that is within one range increment (Rank 1=100ft, x10/rank up), you just KNOW about it, right down to the molecular level, thanks to the Leshay’s power over chaos.
Leshay Flash Step (Speed Rank 1, Super Movement [Trackless, +2], Innate +1)
Swift Action, Range: Personal, Duration: Instantaneous
PP Cost: 4
Aliases: Shukuchi, Shunpo, Soru, Shinsoku
You move up to your speed rank (100ft/rd) in an instantaneous moment, leaving absolutely no trace of your movement. It takes a swift action to use this ability, and the number of times you can use it per round is limited by your Dex bonus (24).
Leshay Healing (Regeneration Rank 19, Innate [+1])
Action: Passive, Range: Personal, Duration: Permanent
PP Cost: 20
Given your CON bonus, you already automatically succeed at any recovery check. Your LeShay regeneration simply accelerates the rate at which you can make recovery checks, greatly reducing the time needed to recuperate from wounds sustained in battle.
+3 Recovery Rate from Bruised (No Action)
+6 Recovery Rate from Injured (No Action)
+0 Recovery Rate from Unconscious (1 Minute)
+5 Recovery Rate from Staggered (Standard Action)
+5 Recovery Rate from Disabled (20 Minutes)
Leshay Toughness (Protection Rank 8, Innate [+1], Subtle +1)
Action: Passive, Range: Personal, Duration: Permanent
PP Cost: 10
The unstable, fluctuating atomic state and composition of your LeShay bones, muscle and skin grant you inhuman toughness, allowing you to withstand even some of the mightiest of blows without even a scratch. This state of your internal structure is a natural, subtle part of your physiology and is considered innate, and thus cannot be nullified in any way.

Leshay Immunities [Total: Immunity 35, Power Feats +6]
Action: Passive, Range: Personal, Duration: Permanent
PP Cost: 41
As a part of your chaotic, divine nature as a LeShay, you possess the following immunities.
Immune to Transmutations (Immunity 5, Innate +1, Selective +1)
Immune to Energy damage (Immunity 20, Innate +1)
Immune to Ability drain damage (Immunity 5, Innate +1)
Immune to Mind affecting effects (Immunity 5, Innate +1], Selective +1)

Leshay Gaze (Emotion Control 1, Limited to Love, Visual-Dependent, Subtle)
Action: Free (Passive), Range: Perception, Duration: Sustained (lasting), Targets Will
PP Cost: 3
All creatures who meet the gaze of a leShay comes to regard them as a trusted ally through mental compulsion. A successful Will Save negates the effect. Each opponent within range of a gaze attack must attempt a saving each round at the beginning of his or her turn in the initiative order. A leShay can also actively gaze as an attack action by choosing a target within range, who must then attempt a saving throw. LeShay are immune to their own gaze. The DC is Charisma-based.

Fuerza,* Arcane Telekinesis, [Array 10, Alternate Power 4]*
Descriptors: Incandescent Force, Telekinesis, Arcane-based
Standard Action, Range: Perception, Duration: Sustained
_PP Cost: 20 (
Force Lance (Blast Rank 10) [Default]
Standard Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Instantaneous
Force Blast (Targeted Cone Blast Rank 6, Affects Insubstantial +1, Selective +1) [Alternate Power]
Standard Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Instantaneous
Force Levitation (Move Object Rank 9, Subtle +2) [Alternate Power]
Standard Action, Range: Perception, Duration: Sustained
Wall of Force (Create Object Rank 8, Stationary +1, Subtle +1, Tether +1, Moveable +1) [Alternate Power]
Standard Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Sustained

Arcane Magic, Rank 20 [Array, Alternate Power +13]
Descriptors: Varies
PP Cost: 40 (+13)
Incendia (Penetrating Blast 10, Blast 4, Affects Insubstantial +1, Precise +1) [Default]
Descriptors: Fire, Arcane
Standard Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Instantaneous
Sovraincendia (Targeted Shapeable Area Penetrating Blast 20, Tiring, Affects Insubstantial +1, Progression +1, Full Power -1, Lethal -1)
Descriptors: Fire, Arcane
Full-round Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Instantaneous
Glacia (Blast 10, Snare 10)
Descriptors: Ice, Arcane
Full-round Action, Range: Ranged, Duration: Instantaneous
Infrigus, Cold Control 2, Snare, Blast 5, Boost 5 Limited to next Fire Spell, Create Object
Shieldaris, Immovable, Boost
Protega, Protection
Ventus Tempesta/Ventus Cyclis, Move Object
Excandescunt, Dazzle
Lumen, Camerus, Factum Illusion
Trace: On, Create Object, Precise
Mind Communion Spell Communication
Petrificus, Paralyze
Alter Self, Morph
Exscindus, Disintegration

Divine Magic Rank 4 [Array]
PP Cost: 8
Environmental Control (Light)
Boost (Any one trait at a time)
Immunity (Environment, Evil)
Mind Reading


Love Interests

Currently, to get the HELL out of Hell as soon as possible.
To have adventures with the Mane 6!
Pilot a Battlemech into battle
Command a lance of Battlemechs into battle – preferably piloted by the Mane 6!
Regain Deityhood
Forge a spell or similar ability to Unlimited Blade Works

Hated Enemies
None… so far.

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